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Domestic violence is a horrifying and extremely misunderstood topic. There are many stereotypes and misconceptions about domestic violence that need to be discussed. Even though it is an uncomfortable topic, avoiding to talk about this subject matter only perpetuates more untrue beliefs and does not shed light on red flags. Below we will debunk common domestic violence myths as listed in an article on

Many people seem to believe that domestic violence does not affect many people. This statement is entirely untrue; domestic violence is actually said to be the most common yet least reported crime in the United States. Also, domestic violence is not just physical abuse. A range of abusive patterns such as emotional abuse, mental abuse, and verbal abuse all fall under the domestic abuse umbrella. Even if someone is not physically assaulted, they can be experiencing extremely detrimental abuse in other ways from their partner. Additionally, domestic violence is not just a momentary loss of temper. Abusers know what they are doing and use this excuse to justify their actions in the time being. Abuse is never okay and always intentional, even if someone is angry at the moment. 

It is also a myth that domestic violence only happens in low-income families. No matter what demographic or background a person has, they can be susceptible to abuse if they engage in a relationship with the wrong person. Some people might view domestic violence as an occasional punch or slap that is not that serious. Victims of domestic violence experience injuries that can be incredibly serious. According to, over 30% of women who experience domestic violence end up needing emergency care. One thing to understand is that drinking and drug abuse is not what causes domestic violence. These are excuses abusers use as a scapegoat for their actions.

It is easy to believe an abuser is sorry for their actions and will end the violence when they say these things. The truth is, more often than not, the abuse will continue. Abusers use remorse tactics to control their victims further. Additionally, victims are not always able to walk away from the relationship. Often, victims are not financially able to break free from their abusers or are afraid for their lives. Never believe that if a violent episode only happens every so often, it is not that serious. Even if an episode occurs once, the threat is always present. Lastly, please do not blame the victims and assume that they have personalities or behaviors that attract abuse. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of who they are and how they act. It is imperative to understand that domestic violence is an unforeseen occurrence, and we should never judge the victims for what they have had to face.