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A new relationship can mean a world of possibilities, a chance to grow and learn with someone. Going into that new relationship is fun and exciting and can make you think of a world of future possibilities. That relationship may seem perfect in the beginning, but then as time goes on, things start to look less and less perfect. So when does a relationship possibly begin turning into a toxic relationship, or even an abusive relationship? 

Different Types of Abuse 

There are various forms of abusive relationships, and some can often be hard to determine. A mentally abusive relationship can be far more complicated to see than that of a physical abuse relationship. 

So what is mental abuse, the abuse itself is defined as a pattern of controlling behavior that could, but not always, escalate to violence. Psychological abuse could start with negative comments, like not allowing the other person to wear specific clothing out of the house, proceeding on to your significant other not liking who you are hanging out with, and leading into things like personal insults or even public humiliation. There is an entire Twitter thread hashtag: Maybe He Doesn’t Hit you that discusses items that can be viewed as mental abuse. These behaviors could also constitute saying they would physically harm themselves if you were to leave and other various forms of manipulation. 

In statistics found on the Safe Horizon website for victims of domestic abuse, it is said:

 87% say their abuser has insulted their friends and family 

62% say that their abuser made them do something humiliating

93% have experienced some economic abuse. From the prevention of working, harassment while at work, to the destruction of their credit score. 

31% were pressured to quit their jobs 

Often mental abuse could eventually turn into physical abuse if you start to not comply with psychological abuse. This could end with serious harm to the victim or possibly resulting in death. If you feel that you are physically unsafe, find out ways that you can get out and seek help. Things like this are often not easy to do when in the presence of your abuser, so finding safe times. Domestic hotlines like HopeLine are trained to help get you in touch with the proper authorities and will help you find a way out of your situation. Do not feel like you are in the dark, or there is no hope. There will always be hope. If you need help, please seek out the assistance of domestic abuse hotlines