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Millions of women are abused by their partners every year. In many of these cases, children are also abused. It can be difficult for these women to leave because they feel there are no better options for them. What they don’t realize is there are so many resources and organizations are out there just waiting to offer their help.

North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The NCCADV offers a number of services to victims of domestic violence, such as child advocacy, and LGBTQ Response Initiative, technical assistance, and a Silent Witness Program. Their goal is to do everything they can to help survivors of domestic violence and to educate people in order to prevent domestic violence.

Sex Abuse Treatment Center

The SATC, located in Honolulu, Hawaii, offers many services to survivors of sexual violence, including counseling, medical exams, advocacy, and education. They work to help victims heal both physically and emotionally while increasing awareness of their needs and the incidences of violence happening. They have made it their mission to work with communities to prevent violence and ensure that the needs of survivors are met.

End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin

End Abuse is led by advocates, attorneys, and experts who work together to bring about social change and to bring an end to the abuse of all kinds. Their response is always evolving to ensure that they can always serve victims of abuse in the best way possible. End Abuse has staff across the country working on initiatives such as legal services, economic empowerment, and human trafficking awareness.

My Sister’s House

Located in Sacramento, California, My Sister’s House provides many services for victims, such as a twenty-four-hour support line, a shelter program, counseling, and domestic violence education. It is their mission to provide services for Asian and Pacific Islanders, along with other women often considered undeserving and their children. They offer a culturally appropriate environment so that everyone feels comfortable, welcome, and safe.

ContactLifeline, Inc.

ContactLifeline has been doing work in Wilmington, Delaware for more than forty years. Their mission is to help people stay alive and get through times of crisis, including sexual assault. They provide counseling, intervention, education, and they work to prevent more crises from happening in the future. ContactLifeline works with the community to provide resources that can help victims and their children.