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Finding yourself in a violent relationship is never easy, but one of the most significant steps is admitting to yourself that you are in one. Many victims that are on their own only have to worry about getting themselves out, but those with children that are also in the mix can be an even more terrifying feat, and it may be even more challenging to find out where you can go. 

Feeling Unsafe

Do not feel like you have to leave today. Plan an escape and make sure you have a backup plan in case something were to go wrong. A safety plan can allow you to know what you need to leave and make sure you have the proper things packed in case you are moving with children. 

What Do You Need To Consider Before You Leave 

Domestic violence starts as emotional abuse and then can evolve into. Your partner may even start to make you think that the violence that they are inflicting on you could be the cause of the violence. Never think that violence is ok or in any way normal. Abuse can happen to anyone at any time; whether you are a man or a woman, whether you are dating, in a relationship, married college, violence does not discriminate. You may love your partner and maybe trick into thinking that they love you as well, but love does not come in the form of abuse. 

Who Do You Talk To? 

When many are feeling cut off from the world, they may feel like they are secluded. Many are stuck at home with their abusers and have no idea how or when to seek help or who they should talk to. A video has been circulating about the hand signals to show that you are being abused. This hand signal can be used to call attention to your situation and let others know that you need help. This is also a way to signal for help without leaving any digital trace. 

You can also talk to your doctors, family members, teacher, counselors at your child’s school. Your human resources at work should also be capable of dealing with these matters. The point is you are not and never alone in a situation like this. 

So Where Do You Go?

Friends and family are great places to go if you are unsafe in your home. If those options are not available, most shelters are the safest you can get. Shelters are often undisclosed addresses that you must call first to be able to seek out help. They will then tell you where you need to go to the shelter and make it harder for the abuser to find you. Numerous different hotlines can give you information on shelters that are near you.